Certified NASAA, HACCP, WQA, CQA & SQF Ed.7
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Our Range of Certified Organic Products

We Supply Organic Vegetables to the Perth Area.

Certified Organic

Grown & handled without the use of synthetic chemicals, artificial fertilisers, irradiation or genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s).

We Supply Organic Fruits to the Perth area.

Certified Organic

Superior in taste and higher in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients compared to conventional produce.

We supply organic dairy and cheese in Perth area.

Certified Organic
Dairy & Eggs

Cows & chickens are grown free from chemical contamination, antibiotics or hormones. Organic systems place strong emphasis on animal welfare, environmental protection and sustainability.

We supply certified organic meat and sausages around the Perth area.

Certified Organic
Meat & Fish

Livestock is grown without synthetic pesticides & herbicides, growth hormones, vet pharmaceuticals, artificial fertilizers, GMO’s or force-fed grains.

Organic Personal Care products available in Perth

Certified Organic
Personal Care

Made predominantly from natural and organic ingredients; no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients, are not tested on animals and are environmentally conscious & responsible.

Available Organic Grocery Products in Perth area.

Certified Organic

Packaged, bottled and tinned products free from artificial additives, synthetic chemicals, preservatives and unnatural colorings.

About Organic Valley WA

Organic Valley WA is a substantial certified organic fruit & vegetable wholesaling business located in Welshpool Western Australia and is the only organic fruit & vegetable wholesaler in WA that has a NASAA (Certified Organic Certification), a HACCP (Food Safety Certification), a WQA (Woolworths Quality Assurance Certification), a CQA (Coles Quality Assurance Certification) and an SQF Ed.7 (which is a very Stringent Food Safety Certification). The wholesale side of the business operates 7 days a week.

Organic Valley WA source the best quality organic produce from certified organic fruit & vegetable growers in Australia who are dedicated to the sustainability of the environment and who share the same philosophy that organic farming helps to keep the environment free of pollutants, prevents sickness & disease and fundamentally promotes good health and a higher quality of life for all living things.

Since November 2003, Organic Valley WA also operates a small retail shop on-site that sells certified organic fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, personal care and groceries direct to the public.

Benefits of Eating Certified Organic Produce

People who eat certified organic produce are making an informed and conscious decision to avoid ingesting the chemicals & preservatives that come from the toxic sprays and fertilisers found in and on conventional fruit & vegetables. Eating organically also allows the body to absorb the optimum nutrients available, without battling with the myriad of toxins that come with eating sprayed fruit and vegetables. Toxins from conventional foods accumulate in the human body and are greatly affecting the immune system. By eating organically, you are greatly reducing your risk of developing debilitating and life threatening diseases that will affect your quality of life in the long term.

Certified organic fruit & vegetables also taste great! Many of our customers say that certified organic fruit & vegetables taste more like the way they did when they were children. This is due to the purity of the produce and also because organic fruit & vegetables are grown and sold in their natural season. Certified organic fruit & vegetables are not waxed, sprayed or dipped in chemicals, so they are not able to be stored for months nor sold all year round and therefore must be eaten relatively quickly, as without sprays and fertilisers they perish faster.

Reasons Why Certified Organic Produce Costs More

Fruit & vegetables from certified organic farms will cost the consumer more than buying chemically sprayed (conventional) produce.

Organic farming is a very labour intensive industry and it costs a great deal extra to grow crops organically, making it harder for an organic farmer to make a living. The majority of the fruit & vegetables that are currently growing in Australia have been imported into the country from Europe and other parts of the world. Imported fruit & vegetables are therefore being grown in the very harsh Australian natural environment, with no natural resistance to the pests & diseases that are present in Australia. Therefore, the ordinary (conventional) Australian farmers spray and fertilize their crops heavily, in order to achieve a 95 – 100% yield suitable for the marketplace. However, an Australian organic farmer who does not artificially fertilise the soil or chemically spray their crops for pests and diseases is presently only achieving a 27% yield suitable for the marketplace.

Post-harvest handling of certified organic produce also costs more than conventional handling because of the mandatory segregation of organic and conventional produce, especially for processing and transportation. Auditing and certification requirements also add to the end cost of the produce.

Here at Organic Valley WA, we believe that good health and well-being should never be measured in terms of money, as the positive health benefits of eating organically will far outweigh any savings made by eating conventional produce. It is really more a matter of; can you afford not to eat certified organic?

The largest variety of certified organic fresh fruit and vegetables in Perth’s south.
The largest variety of certified organic fresh fruit and vegetables in Perth’s south.
All fruit and vegetables in our store come from certified organic growers.
All fruit and vegetables in our store come from certified organic growers.
A one-stop-shop for all of your certified organic needs.
A one-stop-shop for all of your certified organic needs.
Make the change to a healthier lifestyle today.
Make the change to a healthier lifestyle today.
Organic Valley WA specialises in providing quality, certified organic meats, fruits & vegetables to Perth.

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